Selling entire 60g cube system

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Tank has been running for almost 3 years. Ive got too many tanks and hobbies and this one takes up the most of my time. Too many corals to list. Would really like to sell the complete system willing to take $1500 for everything(tank, sump, stand, lights, return pump). Come by and we'll make a deal. I would at least like the following prices on the following pieces if it gets parted out:






Sb reef light 16 basic-$90

Jebao DC 100w return pump- $50


Blue tang- $150



Tailspot lenny $10


Utter chaos rock over 40polyps- $400

Big acro multi colony rock at top of tank-$300


Texting is better for me 850-572-48234753c672b93f5d5086aab7714c8b631d.jpg80cc0119776f8219363d1022ec69836a.jpgf222b7c1dca656a826ea4163d2bc6ed4.jpg8965756e5d1f161f89d5731d313c8deb.jpg5795113b7e3e4819d20a87105d18ba6d.jpgf2cdd518bcc041fede37d28b949f09d8.jpg


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still looking to sell entire system. I have sold some Coral since initial post. Willing to let everything go for $500. Also have a 75 gallon eel tank with a 18-inch moray eel and medium-sized grouper. Everything included for $500 as well.02ea3f215d71f13801b61f17c8153fad.jpg4b1b2b5685bbb0f7edc1d8ac2fab21c9.jpg8d3f38261ff7559a28ac930e5eb9869d.jpg2de9809cb0601f191fd52086ce3b2906.jpg


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