FOR SALE 90 GAL !!!!!!!! $1000

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Selling my 90 gallon because I hate to see not getting the proper attention that it need because of being so busy with work has

2 clowns that host anything from anemone to toadstools

1 blue large hippo tang

1 large salfing tang

1 black goby


2 kessil lights

1 rodi system unit

1 bubble magus dosing pump and lots of extra stuff



TAKING $1000

NOT SEPARATING ANYTHING!!197940a5bc0c3dd1d6429a3cd22537ba.jpgf367a8ef59e10725c616cc4ed6293480.jpga1845da8a45cfd317be604fce55611a9.jpgffa16f3680601895deaf6decbbc9a9f5.jpg10eab30033e63c192ca1c686b6352aaf.jpgf9d7542fb40a71b39814db1cd7e3bba0.jpg47d2b6560e9e83cf7b1ed36c94f629e0.jpgad6642ecee5aca932ae32baf2667b930.jpg


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