Bleaching liverock

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So I've begun the process of bleaching my old plugs, calcium frag racks, and old rick that was covered in hair algae. Ive added only 10% bleach to the water and all is looking, well, bleached as I had hoped. However, at this point the plugs are done but slightly smell of bleach. Ive rinsed them 3 times in tap water and have added dechlorinator to the water, where I'm going to leave it for 48-72 hours. Anyone have suggestions after this step? Or should it be good to slowly place in the tank? 

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Bleach will eventually 100% evaporate, only leaving a salt-like residue (harmless) behind.

If you wanted to pull it out of the rock quicker... soak it in RODI, run a circulation pump and use some sodium thiosulfate to neutralize the chlorine. Chlor Out (available at most pool supply places) contains sodium thiosulfate and is safe to use:

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