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I had a very pleasant experience with saltcrazy74. When I first walked in I was blown away by his setup. He has one of the most beautiful healthy elegance corals I have ever seen. I went for some tubbs blue and some bambams. He ended up throwing in a GSP frag for free. I also got a monti that was gorgeous in his tank but something happened on the way home and it was going downhill. He asked me to bring it back to him so that he could figure out what went wrong and refunded me. ( he actually met me in pensacola so I didn't have to drive so far) I must note that the montis problems was no fault to him. Sometimes things happen in transport and he did not have to make it right but he did.

There were no pests when dipped and I REALLY wish that I could post some pictures for you all because these zoas are beautiful.

I walked away with what I felt was a very good deal and I absolutely feel like I got my money's worth. He did not turn his back when something went wrong. He did way more than he should have! Thanks saltcrazy74. I'll be back for more coral for sure!

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