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  1. Lots of corals for sale

    What's the asking price on the candy canes?
  2. 14 gallon fluval m40 reef tank

    Comes with fluval stand and stock coral led light( very bright). The model has a small elbow valve drilled into the back for the easiest 20% water change you'll ever do. Attach a hose and open the valve, the back 3 stage filter drains and the main tank water level never goes down ( no coral exposed to air). Moving soon and am looking to get 150 for it ( new was 450 all together).
  3. 90 gallon drilled tank, mahogany stand, 20 gallon sump/refugium, return pump, two glass tops. The tank is gently used, seal is perfect and you have to look very hard to find only a couple hairline scratches. Make me an offer, I'm looking to get 500 for everything.
  4. My tang needs a new home, I'm selling my 90 gallon drilled setup to go full grow out smaller tanks. Ill be moving to indiana in 3 weeks and am looking for tougher sps or zoas. He doesn't have any health issues and as stated has never been aggressive, even towards other tangs. Huge personality, following you anywhere in the room and always getting in the way of pictures lol
  5. Trade?

    Is the orange and red chalice still available? How about the green grandis?
  6. Curb pick up bowfront project (finally started)

    You need to post the updated pics! Especially with the monti and Yuma. It's really something to see yall!
  7. Curb pick up bowfront project (finally started)

    Next time I swing by, can you help explain how your auto too off works? I'm looking at some auto dosers as well, just want everything to be as stable as possible.
  8. Dk reefs is the best, highest quality. Also sb reefs, between those two to you'll find zoas that aren't common. Fruit loops, desert star, vivid rainbow, some bounce shrooms
  9. Its Robert Benjamin, stoney, you heading out this way anytime soon?
  10. Speckled Krak zoa

    Still available?
  11. Looking for yoda, rainbow incinerators, fruit loops, etc. However, if I don't have it ( yellow colonial polyps for example) I'll want some anyways. Text me at 850-530-25oneone,
  12. Selling pulsing xenia $5 a stalk

    I still have some available and I do stay in Pensacola. Do you know how many you would like?
  13. Selling pulsing xenia $5 a stalk

    Exactly as the title states I have pulsing xenia for sale. 5 bucks a stalk, dm me for contact info
  14. Want to buy tubbs blue

    I would love to have these true blue tubbs again. If anyone has some please let me know, willing to frag your coral with 10+ years experience if your unsure of how to, dm me.
  15. Let me know, I have roughly 6 frags of each that I'm ready to have gone. 850-530-2511, text me if interested, I also have other zoas as well