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  1. Help Me Identify This Damsel Fish

    Thank you, I now know what he is!
  2. Help Me Identify This Damsel Fish

    I bought this damsel fish from petland a few months ago. He is so aggressive he was attacking my 3 and 1/2 ft Tessalata Moray eel. I have never seen a damsel fish so aggressive. My Tessalata eel was chasing him around the tank and than my damsel fish would chase him back. He just barley missed the jaws of death many times. I have since moved him to a 29 gallon tank. He is so aggressive I cannot put him with anything....He even killed the hermit crabs and snails in the tank.....What is this amazing fish?!?!?
  3. Tesselata Eel Only $80!

    I will buy, called and pmed you
  4. Tesselata Eel Only $80!

    Do you still have the Tessalata eel?
  5. Rock Of Green Button Polyps Fs/ft

    I wish I could, have other plans tho.
  6. Rock Of Green Button Polyps Fs/ft

    I have a few pieces of base rock lying around
  7. Zennia

    My number is 850-240-2619
  8. Zennia

    I am interested in having some healthy zennia.
  9. Wtb Large Damsel Fish

    That is over an hour away from me, If only you were in Pensacola!
  10. Group Buy Gone Terribly Wrong

    Yah I agree with the lobster man, I see nothing wrong with local people going in on an online purchase to cut shipping cost, but what happend in this situation was crazy.
  11. Group Buy Gone Terribly Wrong

    Agreed, I would rather grow out coral in my tank rather than trust someone to do it for me.
  12. Diy Stand And Canopy

    Thanks yall!
  13. Group Buy Gone Terribly Wrong

    Dang, that was brutal. Tragic turn of events.
  14. 560G Gallon Mixed Reef Build

    Awesome tank!
  15. Diy Stand And Canopy

    I want to make a canopy and stand for my 125 gallon fowlr. Has anyone had experience building their own stands/canopy? Any advice, tips or tricks would helpful. Thanks!