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  1. 75g complete setup

    UV is 25w
  2. 75g complete setup

    Just pm me what you are interested in, I'm going to split it up as soon as the fish and coral are gone
  3. 75g complete setup

    Moving soon and cant take any of this with us. Tank is still running. Price is negotiable and I am open to trades for almost anything specifically sporting goods, outdoor items, fishing, etc. Everything is less than two years old.75 and 90 Gallon Reef Ready Tanks With Custom Stand2x Aqua Illumination Vega Lights, with controller2x Rapid LED Onyx LightsAqueon Pro Flex Model 4, 3 stage sump with 6 filter socksAir,Water,Ice, Typhoon 5 Stage Rodi UnitJebao 4 Part Doser2x Jebao PP 8 Power Heads10 Gallon custom drilled frag tankJebao 50w DC PUMPVia Aqua Carbon ReactorAqua Ultraviolet UV FilterSWC 160 Protein SkimmerReef Octopus Biochurn Bio Pellet Reactor25 lbs Seachem Salinity SaltTons of test kits and addititives, mediaTimers, Sump Light, powerheads, heaters, fittings, sponges, cleaning tools, aquarium, fish tankLive Rock, Sand, Clean up crew, Blue eye Kole Tang, Pair of Clowns, Yellow Watchman Goby, Cardinal Fish, Red Coris Wrasse, Bubble Coral, Various Shrooms and leathers, multiple Zoas. Thanks, Nick 850 376 7041
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  5. Added a fire shrimp 2 days ago, it molted(or did it) the next day. Today I found some hermits feasting on my cleaner shrimp, appeared to be the shrimp and not a molt. Now I can't locate my 3 sexy shrimp. Only fish in the tank are small, 2 clowns, bicolor blenny, bangaii cardinal and a small watchman goby added the same day as the fire shrimp. Nothing else in the tank is dead, hermits,snails,crabs are fine. Tds 0, all parameters are good. Only thing I didn't test is alkalinity. Any ideas? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  6. Awesome tank man, really love all the corals you have been posting to the Super thread.
  7. Wtb Ro Di Unit

    I just bought the 5 stage typhoon from our sponsor last month. We get a discount and a free tds meter. Works nicely Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
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  9. Yeah saw it this morning. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
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