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  1. Cobia Running

    I tend to go late at night. I love throwing a topwater plug into the lights and watching a Big Red explode on it. Then hang on!
  2. Cobia Running

    I was on vacation last week and got to go a few times Big bulls running out at 3MB. I love to catch'em from the yak. All fish ranged from 35-39 inches and all released safely. I caught around 10 of them but all the pics start looking the same after a while.
  3. I am newbie at saltwater aquariums and reefs. I have visited many stores around panhandle the last few months talking and looking and buying things for my 29 gallon biocube. I stopped in a Matts coral connection today on my lunch break to check it out. And I must say I walked out of there with a new hammer coral and a lot more knowledge about corals and lighting etc..... because I am learning as much as I can. Awesome place and super friendly will definitely be back!