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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this or not. I am relocating to Panama City Beach area in the next few weeks/months and need a new reef store. I have broken my 90 down and moved what little livestock I had into an 8 gallon cube for the move. I will not be moving the 90 if at all possible. It is listed for sale on craigslist and I have had some interest. My plan is to get back to basics with a simple AIO once we are settled in PCB. I'm currently in love with the Cobalt Aquatics C-vue 40. I just wish it was 4' long instead of 3'. I've thought about buying a rimless 50L 48x18x12 and building my own internal sump chamber.
  2. Sadly breaking down my 90

    Hold that thought, I think I've decided to downsize before I give it all up.
  3. Sadly breaking down my 90

    I have no time and my display has suffered. My once beautiful rock scape has been taken over by bubble algae and I only have 2 fish and a few softies left. I'm going to be breaking down and looking for homes for my livestock. I have a royal gramma basslet and a misbar ocellaris clown, some green mushrooms and a orange ricordia. Everything must go. The display is an older Aqueon 90 reef ready and I have more hardware than I can list. Neptune apex, reefbreeders photon 48 led fixture, super reef octopus skimmer. I would like the livestock to go first how does $10 for each fish sound? I hate it but I really don't have time anymore. I also have an unopened 5 gallon bucket of reef crystals. Please text 850-390-5357 8am to 8pm. I will be off work all day this Monday and Tuesday and can meet with the fish. After the live stock is gone I will start listing the tank and equipment. Thank you, Daryl
  4. Progressive Marine

    Progressive Marine in Mobile, does anyone ever go, are they still open? There are no recent updates to their facebook page. So many shops have closed their doors in the last few years. I am thinking about a reef road trip this weekend but I don't want to waste my time.
  5. 3D Printing Your Aquarium Parts

    I found a forum post somewhere a while back where a guy in Australia made a new wetside for a MP40 using a 3d printer. My brother in law and I want to get one for sci/fi props and more recently fish aquarium stuff.
  6. Skimmer Overrated

    Just thought I would post some picture of the skimmer. When I first opened the box, this thing is massive. My 18 month old standing next to it for scale. Sump with re-installed baffles. Platform to raise the skimmer my, my NW110 required 8" and Jeremy from Coralvue says the SRO2000 should run in about 6" of water.
  7. Skimmer Overrated

    I picked up some aquarium safe silicone today.
  8. Skimmer Overrated

    It came today, this thing is huge. It could swallow my NW110 for dinner. I'm definitely going to have to redo the baffles in my sump. How long should the silicone cure before I put it back into use?
  9. Skimmer Overrated

    I can't wait to set it up. The guy on reefcentral only ran it for 3 weeks before breaking his tank down. In all the photos it looks brand new. He still had the factory box for the skimmer. The amount of air that bubble blaster 2000 pump pulls is awesome. I get good skimmate off the RO NW-110 but I feel like it could do better. I take it out and scrub everything every few months and then it gets a good vinegar soak and run twice a year. I might be setting up a 20 long frag system in the utility room so I might just hang on to the 110 for a little bit, I think I read somewhere that you could buy an adapter to hook a Bubble blaster 1000 pump to those 110 and 150 "classic" Needle wheel Reef Octopuses. I was thinking about selling it to offset some of the cost of the new skimmer.
  10. Skimmer Overrated

    Is it possible to go to big on skimmers? The skimmer I have coming this week is a Super Reef Octopus 2000. According to Coralvue, this skimmer is rated for a lite 200 gallon or heavy demand 150 gallon, while BRS rates it for a 140 gallon max. I've been told that if the skimmer is too big for the tank it will not work the greatest.
  11. 72 Bowfront Build - Part 1

    This was really interesting to see your tank from the beginning and see how much it has evolved.
  12. Aga 90 Gallon

    Picked up a Super Reef Octopus 2000 skimmer over on reef central today. When that arrives I will be trading out my NW110 octopus skimmer. Also means I have to cut out all the baffles and redo my sump since the footprint on this skimmer is larger than the space I had before.
  13. Tallahassee Store

    I have a friend in Tallahassee who just told me about a shop in Tallahassee called Seminole Aquariums. They are located on N. Monroe. They have daily deals on Facebook. My buddy just picked me up a frag of Jedi Mind Trick for 20.00. Everyone in the Tally area needs to check them out.
  14. Group Buy

    So we're at 125.00 now
  15. ? About Staining Stand

    000 steel wool between coats definitely