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  1. Kessil Controller

    Brand New Kessil spectral controller $70. You can get in touch with me at 850-428-3543.
  2. Sump for sale

    I have a 18x18 acrylic cube sump for sale. The skimmer chamber is 10x10. Asking 100$. If interested or need picture,text me at8504283543.
  3. DIY stand

    Stand was built for 30x30 tank. The dimensions are 36 L x30 w x 30 h. I made it 6 inches longer to fit my controllers and dosers inside the tank. Text me at8504283543 for pictures. Asking 25$.
  4. LTB skimmer

    PM’ed you.
  5. Free 93g Marineland Cube with busted seam

    Tank is gone. Thanks.
  6. Free 93g Marineland Cube with busted seam

    Ajskennels said he will pick it up today. If he don’t make it, i’ll let you know.
  7. I have a 93g Marineland Cube tank and stand for free. The seam is busted on the tank and it will NOT hold water. Will be a good DIY project for someone with time and skills.
  8. LTB skimmer

    Calling people names shows who is an idiot here. I clearly said 10x10 foot print. If you have one reply or get the hell off.
  9. LTB skimmer

    Why in the world would I come here looking for new one? I mentioned the specs in my post. If you don’t have time, don’t answer.
  10. LTB skimmer

    Anyone have a small foot print 10x10 inch skimmer for sale?
  11. LTB metal halides

    Anyone here have any metal halide setup laying around? my number is 850-428-3543.
  12. Free fish

    I’ll take them.
  13. LTB live rock

    Anyone have some live rock for sale?
  14. Trade?

    James, did you lose your torches?
  15. Speckled Krak zoa

    @beradd sent you a text.