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    Im just getting into the hobby but am a fast study.
  1. Rebuilding my tank need corals

    kbass really about anything would be good I was in the hospital for a little while and tank got red slime while I was in there, wife had no idea what to do and used chemclean and way to much so for about 3 months now I been trying to get the water back right and success. So now time to restock with coral amazing all my fish lived.
  2. Rebuilding my tank need corals

    Hey guys anyone have any corals for sale? I had a bad bout with red slime and lost almost everything been out for about a year but coming back so wondered if anyone had any corals for sale?
  3. Sps,Lps, Zoas/Paly frags fs (All Sold)

    I would be interested in some corals, text me 850-307-3165 I'm Norm
  4. Rose Bubble Tip Anemone

    I'm interested as well can you text me 850-307-3165
  5. Neonreefs

    I received my order from Neon Reefs today and it was fantastic, super fast shipping and I must say some of the best frags I have ever ordered, WOW I will post pics later, high end zoas at a reasonable price and FL shipping isn't expensive. I defiantly recommend them, every polyp open and absolutely beautiful Zoas. I ordered the small and one of every Zoa on their site and am more than satisfied. Again WOW and if you like Zoas I highly recommend ya check these guys out! I got to them from
  6. Diy 200 Stand And Canopy

    Not sure how to post a pic but its complete and set up if anyone wants to see it send me a how too on how to post pics.
  7. Diy 200 Stand And Canopy

    Not sure if this is in the right place or not but a friend of mine gave me a 200 Gallon tank so Im going to upgrade from my 90, the problem is its just the glass tank its drilled but I need to build a stand and canopy. I would also like reccomendations for lighting, Pumps, Sump, and Skimmer. I have the Red Sea 150 on my 90 and a 20 Gal Sump but I dobut its near big enough for a 200. I also have a E-Bay 48" 3W x 64LED it has 48 10000K and 16 Actinic it puts out 8640 Lumen, should I get another one just like it or would this one be enough? Or should I go a differnet route all together? Im on sorta a budget so any assistance and reccomendations are appreciated. Anyone know of plans to build a stand? Im thinking 4x4 corners with 2x4 support and bracing for the stand with 1/2" OAK Cabinet Grade Ply wood for the outside then use half round and 1X4s to trim it out, but not sure of the design plan. Weight isnt an issue as my house foundation is a concrete slab and once its in place it wont ever get moved. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Confused Clown

    Thats too funny I have one that is on a Hairy Green Mushroom Rock. It messes with a big white carpet I have also but it pretty much wont leave the muchroom alone!
  9. New Store In Destin

    I will defintaly be in just let me know when you open and the location.
  10. Anyone ever have a Blenny eat the polyps off a Red tree Gorgonia? I think he is the one doing it but Im not sure. Should I move him or the red tree gorgonia?
  11. Catching A Fish

    I used the 2 liter soda bottle method and caught my devil dansel overnight. I did have to release my clowns both 3 or 4 times and had to fish out like 20 snails, I threw 2 pieces of sinking ciclid food in the container.
  12. Help Identify This?

    But I have to say on a good note I havent had anything die yet, I have so far 3 pepermint shrimp 1 Coral Banded, probably 70 snails different types, 20 hermits red and blue leg with a few scarlet banded, a lettuce nudibranch, a Tuxedo Urchine, a mated pair of Mandrians, a Lawnmower blenny, a damsel, a Blue Hippo Tang and a mated pair of Clown Fish. oh and a Sebae Anemone. Plus Im sure theres been a bunch of stuff ride in on live rock. I have some coral and about a dozen small colonies of Zoanthids. I know I captured a few of those bristle worms and the pepermints love glass anemones. KNOCK ON WOOD. I probably just havent found my balance yet, remember Im new to saltwater. NEWBIE hahahahahahhahahahahahaha
  13. Help Identify This?

    Oh yea I have an alge issue at the moment, cleaing crew seems to be on vacation or something. I think it came with my last batch or live rock its all over the halemeda. What kinda of clam is it? Does it suppost to look like that or is it upside down? Every clam Ive seen looks way different than that one.
  14. Help Identify This?

    I got this on a piece of live rock they told me it was a clam but I have no idea if its a clam is it upside down do I need to pry it loose and flip it over if you touch it the back closes up and it grips to the rock, it hasnt changed its location at all, but it moves ever so slightly now and then. What is it??
  15. Aquatic Connection (Aquacon)

    They eat clams too, it seemd to have a thing for my clam, so I to took mine out and gave it to Bluewater Zoo in Niceville, they hooked me up with a Sebae Anemone and it seems fine. Thanks for the info though Im a newbie and not sure what all ya can put together yet.