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    Since my dad runs a charter boat out of destin I do a lot of fishing. I currently have two small tanks until I get a bigger place. I have a 30 gallon mixed reef and a 20 gallon with a few softies in it. And that's pretty much it about me haha
  1. Waterbox 20 AIO

  2. Waterbox 20 AIO

  3. Waterbox 20 AIO

    1 year old waterbox 20 gallon aio with return pump N1 skimmer extra utility pump and custom stand for sale no scratches $200
  4. Equipment for sale

    2 Hydor Koralia 1150 gph pumps with wave maker $100 BRS 4 stage value RO 75 gallons per day $100 Refractometer $30 all equipment is less than a year old
  5. Equipment for sale

    Are the lights still available and where are you located?
  6. Wtb montipora

    And encrusting montis
  7. Wtb montipora

    Wtb montipora either branching or plating let me know what yall have 8 5 0 20 0 60 99 located in fwb
  8. Wts 25g lagoon

    Where are you located
  9. Protein Skimmer And Return Pump

    I think a reef octopus is good or I'm running a coral life skimmer and really like it also cone skimmers are good are u running a sump if so an in sump is best that way if it does leak or collection cup overflows it won't go all over your floor not to mention in my opinion in sumps work better
  10. Rescaped My Tank

    It looks good to me what kind of lighting do u have
  11. New To This And Have A Few Questions

    Matt's coral connection has great fish and corals I buy all my stuff from them and have never had a problem
  12. March Meeting?

    I have always wanted to go to one of those and see what goes on and the topics and what not
  13. Sps Coloring

    Nobody has any advice?
  14. Sps Coloring

    Just would like to hear any tricks people have to get good sps color and growth. I have the kessil a150 15k with a 12k/445 nm ecoxotic panarama pro strip all peramiters are good