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  1. Thanks AWD Josh. This goes all the way back before I bought the 40 Breeder from you. Been a while since I checked the post. I hate to ever have to post a thread like this. I gave this person many tries and he responds by text it will be back tomorrow but never happens. I haven't called him out and almost feel inappropriate for doing so. Just shows good faith doesnt always pay off .....and its sad. Oh well I just wont lend my stuff out anymore. TravelinLight is not the culprit. I might give it a few weeks and pm a few of you directly his name and number and see if anyone knows him directly and can recoup. Thanks everyone.
  2. As a fellow reefer who has needed help and many have stepped up. The one time I lend out my light, not the best but it worked and had good ati bulbs. My luck it was never returned and after asking multiple times I was only offered smoke. Please return my light or I will have to divulge your contact info to the public. I have dealt with many reefers on this forum and feel let down.
  3. 125 Gallon Plumbing Help

    Well for now they are capped and I am running the two at the top for overflow and plumbed return over top. I plan on possibly changing it one day since both sides are capped on the bottom and I should be able to add the pipe to bottom without draining (crossing fingers now). I was told it was a closed loop system, bottom plumbs directly to a external pump one end draws water from bottom and then spits it out other end. Told this was for circulation. Then you still need a pump and have a normal return. So you dont have to have a bunch of powerheads in tank, I can seal top without any wires going in tank. Although I could definitely see it being used as a return. Then I could use glass tops on the inlays and my eel will go nowhere.
  4. 125 Gallon Plumbing Help

    Got the tank now I'm a little confused on plumbing. This looks like a closed loop from what I can read. My other system has two drilled overflows and the pump, pumps over back of tank. Not sure should I utilize the drilled holes in bottom. Want to go about this right the first time. Currently I have a sump to use that drains through a mechanical filter then hits skimmer then to external pump. Any help would be appreciated getting this plumbed. Thanks
  5. 125 Gallon Plumbing Help

    I pick up Saturday morning. Just was trying to prepare before it got here. I currently have 2 75's and I am going to breakdown one of the 75 and transfer to the 125. The tank looks similar as my drilled 75 with the back drilled in two spots for the overflow. Just didnt know if the two spots drilled in bottom of tank are for return? I will get pics Asap. Thanks
  6. 125 Gallon Plumbing Help

    Picking up a 125 and stand I secured a deal on today. I have a few questions on plumbing. Tank was drilled in 4 spots. 2 up high for the return like in my other tank. But also has 2 bulkheads in the bottom of tank on both sides. Has plugs in now. Will the two in the bottom be needed? Any insight on to how to run plumbing would be appreciated. This is going to be a FOWLR tank. I currently have a 30 gallon sump and return using on another 75 I have. Not sure if I will need a bigger one. Thanks