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This forum is a place for friendly discussions about a hobby that we all enjoy. There will be disagreements among members from time to time but at NO POINT will bickering be tolerated! Your posts will immediately be removed and you will be warned. If you have a disagreement with another member it can be carried out through private messages. There will be no abusive language on this forum and by no means will there be any degrading or insulting language, your posts will again be removed and you will be warned. This goes for threads as well as individual posts, if a whole thread is started to bash on someone or something then it will be taken down. If any individual displays a trend of continued arguing, bickering or insulting even after repeated warnings they will be banned. PERIOD this annoying trend on this forum is OVER! take note.....

If you have any questions or if you feel that you have spotted above mentioned behavior (this includes if i have done it) please contact me and let me know

Thanks everyone!!

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