Just as an FYI ... Bandwidth Capacity & some good traffic

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I just thought i'd show this for the few that may care. We had some very large & unannounced downloads this afternoon that originated in california.

The below traffic chart generated by MRTG shows that for a period of approximately 15-20 minute we sustained a solid 20mb /s throughput rate, spiking around 42mb /s

When reviewing the traffic with InMon in the datacenter, it registered approximately 48.9mb /s transfer rate for port on the switch.


During this brief time of heavy traffic our network remained stable and did not blink, and our server(s) showed very little increased load, and absolutely no difference in availability of services.

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I haven't forgotten you. I just had a sudden unexpected expense that set me back quite a bit.

By the way, antifreeze is a good thing.

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Urg. I hope that wasn't too costly!

I've had many of those unexpected expenses lately myself. Just when you can barely make out a light at the end of the tunnel, it disappears. Good Luck.

As far as the original topic .... I have 2 more nice graphs of another event from 2 nights ago. That is what a fully lit up 100/F pipe looks like. :-D

[attachment=1]Picture 1.png[/attachment]

[attachment=0]Picture 3.png[/attachment]

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