How Wide Do You Think I Can Go?

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Ok so i bought a new sweet light setup and i want to continue using it but i also want to upgrade still! :) Im wanting to get a 4'x2'x2' buti want to go wider if i can, to maybe 4' long by 2' tall and 30" wide. Will this light fill the tank? its mydraals old light for those that know it, its 4ea 54w t5 bulbs and 2ea 250w mh's as well as i believe 12 leds for moon lights, the whole fixtur is only about 15 inches wide (which is good for me! i took quite a bit of cutting to get it into the hood of my 55!) just lmk what yall think, thanks!

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Raising the light will produce more spread but will decrease pars as known, but at 24 inches deep I don't think you would have to worry too much with the watts that fixture puts out but the heat will definitely be something your gonna have to deal with haha

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