275G W/ 75 Sump/refugium

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Hello all!!! I have joined a few weeks ago but have had no time...but am here now ...I just moved down from NJ..Sh^#% hole take some time due to finances but I am building a 275 reef tank with a 75 sump/refugium...have done all the work myself....drilled the tank and sump built the stand with oak and white maple...and went as far as wood burning the doors!!1 ha ha...I will take some time soon to post pics of what I have got done so far...and the design of the tank...with a calfo style overflow with a built in frag shelf to it....I am how ever looking for a true union 1 1/2" check valve..clear....if anyone has one just lying around they might want to get rid of....thanks...and hope to talk shop and maybe get a chance to make a meet or something one day...I work in a kitchen so.....LONG HOURS AND DAYS!!! wilth little time for life.....But here is the display design....2008_1124275build0001.jpg

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Welcome to the group, astro!

Looks like a great project, I have one going on that is similar. Hope to get some water or at least rocks in mine today!

We'll look forward to hearing more about you as you read through some of the stuff we've posted too. I wish i had the check valve you need, but it isn't common stuff. Good possibility that someone will have it here though.

I can relate to the long hours. My son works in a restaurant in New Orleans and we hardly ever see him, long hours is an understatement!

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Thanks....yeah the valve is basically an online thing..just thought I would try to save some time and see if someone here had one...but only your reply so far..maybe in a day or two..but here is a few more pics of the tank and stand....drilled and bulkheads in place


painted the back black..


eting the overflow


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