Unique Fish And Corals Coming In This Week

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Have allot of unique and a few rarely seen fish and corals coming in. I will post pics as soon as possible

XL Blue Carpet Anemone $250 RARE

XL Neon Green Carpet Anemone $125


Adorned Wrasse (Halichoeres cosmetus) $50 RARE

Dusky Margined wrasse jv (Halichoeres lamarii) $45 RARE

Duskey wrasse (Halichoeres annularis) $45 RARE

Kuiterrs Leopard Wrasse (Macropharyngodon kuiteri) $75 RARE

Leopard Wrasse Black (Macropharyngodon negrosensis) $30

Leopard Wrasse Blue (Macropharynogodon meleagris) Male $45

Leopard Wrasse Red (Macropharynogodon meleagris) Female $40

Radiant Wrasse (Halichoeres iridis) $50 RARE

MOORISH IDOL has been eating for last 2 weeks !! $55

1 Frogspawn purple- $50

1 Frogspawn teal- $50

1 orange zoanthids frags $25

1 Hammer-multi $60

1 Blasto purple green $70

1 Gold torch $50

2 Fungia neon green $35

1 Aussie Elegance $60

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