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Black Friday Sale At

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Starting the sale a little early because the whole crew will be out of town today until noon on Friday. For the sale we are offering at

Overall Discount:

15% off of orders that do NOT contain rock. To obtain the discount use the code "blackfriday" during checkout.

Shipping Specials:

$5 Priority Mail - minimum order of $10

$25 Express Mail - minimum order of $25

Rock Specials:

Flat rate boxes of rock rubble - shipped for $15 - a regular medium flat rate box, filled with rock rubble for coral frags. Mixed size rubble. (Only 8 remain at the time of this post, limited quantities)

$90 for 50 pounds of rock shipped. This product will be in the rock section of our store if available.

Food and Dry Goods:

Free pellet food for orders over $50 - a high quality pellet food that will be available to the public in December, you get one of the first batches for free. These come "blank labeled" meaning it will be a bare blank jar rather than the product we will sell in December with a fancy jar. This product was created for us by one of the top manufacturers in the business and we encourage you to compare our pellet food to the leading major brands you may currently use. To obtain your free jar, please leave us a note in the comments field to the effect of "free pellet food".

Reef Pods - $7.99 - Limited quantities available at this unbeatable price.

Rules - Same sales restrictions we have come to love. :)

No retroactive discounts - Sorry but prior sales help us to afford these discounts, otherwise we couldn't offer them.

No rainchecks

Promotions cannot be combined

No discounts on rock, rock has to be ordered separately from livestock or it will cause delays in processing the order.

Just a note - our Monday shipment will be booked very soon.

Thanks again for your continued support, hope everyone has a a safe and happy holiday!

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