Another Phase Of Our Love Affair With The Sea

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In case anyone was wondering where the president of the club has been spending his time, we bought a new boat.


The owner threw this one in for free; it was a "2 for 1" deal.


We sailed it home from Fort Meyers across the Gulf.

3 days without seeing another boat, out of sight and at least a 100 miles from land. Too cool,


Genie adapted very quickly and had a blast.


What? Me worry?


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It's been great. We try and go out every weekend and during the week. We're at the lust stage I suppose.

The Gulf is such a beautiful place and travelling across it on a sailboat is such a mix of peace, adventure and excitement. When all you hear and see is the stories in the media you can imagine that it's a filthy, dirty dead place but we find it beautiful and full of hope and resilience. Three days without seeing a boat, only once spotting "garbage" in the form of a lost fender floating in the vastness, with a seagull standing on top and barnacles and oysters on the bottom.

The plan is to sail for a few years until I retire then take off for wherever.

Sunset and a sunrise rainbow before we made our run across the Gulf.



Then a sunset at sea. Don't ask me why they look so much more beautiful there.


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Our next meeting is at St. Andrew's State Park, and I'm pretty sure we'll have the boat anchored nearby!

We hope ya'll can get over for that meeting. It's in a very pretty spot!

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