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Folks isn't it great. The new site has only been up for a week and we've already got our first sponsor. I wanted to let you know that we are in the process of contacting many businesses within the industry and hope to have many more. Rich has been kind of spearheading the online contacts. I've developed a letter inviting potential sponsors to visit our site and consider sponsoring us. Hopefully this will generate many positive reply's.

Rich is compiling a list of potential sponsors contacting them and logging entries as he goes. Austin has been hard at it in talking with the local businesses in the Pensacola area and we hope to have some from there too. We also haven't forgotten the Ft. Walton area. It's being worked as well.

We will try to have a list of our contacts available for you to review at the August meeting. If you have an idea of folks you think might want to sponsor us, Let one of your club officers or board members know. We can check it out and make sure that they either have been or will be contacted.

We also ask that you be a bit patient regarding responses. We are working this area very hard and may not be able to get back with you immediately.

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