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Interview the person ABOVE you

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This is a fun game / time killer.

Basically it is like this:

I provide an answer. Then the next person that replies to this thread, provides the question and the next answer.

Something like this

A: Hit it on the head.


Then the next person that replies would post a question that firs my answer.

Question: What should I do with this cat?

A:I predict a riot.


Next post:

Q:Will the price of Rics go up?

A: 15 below zero


Q:What is your IQ?

So on and so forth.

You can quote the previous reply so we know exactly which reply you are referring to in case two people reply at the same time.

Wanna try?

A:two hundred thirty seven.

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Who's hair was voted most likely to recede? ROTFLMAO

A lawyer, a shark, and a $20 Cuban cigar.

What would you get if you took apart Obama???


I guess I'm slow.

I DONT GET IT!!!! :oops:

If you put the answer "blue", the question I could put up would be: What color is the sky? Or I could ask "what is my favorite color?

Then I put up another answer. Like above: shoelaces. The next question could be What do you call the string in shoes?

A better question would be one that is more along the lines of being a real smart alick. Does this help any?

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