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Free replacement filters from Air Water & Ice

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4th Quarter Special

This is a friendly quarterly reminder from for you to check your reverse osmosis water systems filters and membrane.

All systems should get the pre-membrane filters replaced at least annually. If you have poor water to begin with, you may need to change out more often. The membrane will last from three to five years if the filters are replaced regularly.

RODI water for aquariums TDS should be ZERO.

You can easily check you water quality by buying our HM Digital high quality hand-held TDS meter for our everyday low price for $24.95 with FREE SHIPPING.

Check out our top of the line 150GPD RODI unit: Typhoon III Extreme , on sale for the first time for $229.95 vs. our regular low price of $269.95. In addition, use the code below to get next years replacement filter pack which sells for $46.95 for FREE.


Get a Free Replacement Filter Pack for ANY reverse osmosis machine that you buy from us this quarter... no added shipping cost!

Just enter the code 35329 at the bottom of the checkout cart.

Sincerely, The Staff at Air, Water & Ice

772 461 0256

A side note for you, please remember after you purchase a product from Air Water & Ice to come back to our website and give us a

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