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I have the following available. Most have been healing at least a couple weeks. I’m located in Fort Walton Beach. Please pm for any questions or send a number if you would like better pics of something specific as my pic taking skills suck lol. Thank you.






Apple Berry Monti -1inch $20

Ora Spongodes -1inch branching $15, 1inch $10

Rainbow Monti -3/4inch $20

Orange Pavona -1inch chunk $20

Setosa 3/4inch $20

Mystic Sunset Monti -3/4inch $20

WWC Yellow Tip Acro -1+inch $30

Seasons greeting Monti- 1inch chunk $20

Red Planet -1inch branching $20

Forest Fire Digi- 1+inch $20

Vivid Rainbow Delight- 3/4inch $30

Jedi Mind Trick- 1inch chunk $20

Sunburst Monti- 1inch chunk $20

JF Flame Acro -1+inch multiple branches $60

Unknown Acro - (green base/purple tips/purple polyps) 3/4 inch $20

Walt Disney Acro -1/2inch $60

Green Stylophora- around 1inch branching $20

Purple Stylophora -1+inch $15

ORA Lantana - 3/4inch chunk $20



Green w/blue eye Leptastrea -3/4inch chunk $20

Chalice- (Bright red/orange eyes/orange rim) 1inch chunk w multiple eyes $50

PPE Blasto Merletti- 2 heads $20



Green Grandis 4-5polyps $30

Scrambled Eggs 2-3 polyps $15

Gatorades Dz polyps 3-4 polyps $10

Nuclear Greens 2 polyps $10

Pink Hallucinations 4-5 polyps $25

Green Button polyps Dz $10




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On 12/31/2019 at 4:11 PM, Mydraal said:

Some pics



I think we want a piece of the Setosa and the pink one in the second image above.  We will be in FWB on Sat evening on the 1st if that works for you, James


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