210 gallon marine aquarium

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Complete Marine aquarium, moving cross country soon and cannot move and keep all coral and fish alive. Tank stand and canopy alone are $3500!! Comes with thousands worth of equipment fish and coral!!! 2ea 36" led SB Reef lights 55 gallon sump/refugium with 4" sock filter coral box skimmer two return pumps 4 circuit wifi doser. yellow tang 5 clownfish 1 large engineer goby 1 marine beta large also 1 mandarine goby 1 bi color angel blue and yellow and many more I would prefer this to go as one sale, I do NOT want to piece this out so call me if you are interested. if you are looking to upgrade from a smaller tank this is the perfect opportunity.

for pictures please contact. could not load pics.

text 850-495-9495

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