180 gallon reef

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January 2016 I started my first saltwater tank. My plan was to keep the tank a couple of years and then upgrade to a 90 or 120 once I got some experience. Fast forward 3 years My wife and I are buying our first home and moving. So we decided to get a larger tank because we have to tear down the 56 column to move anyway.


So here we are. I want to give a huge shout out to R1ant04. Without him this wouldn’t be happening so thank you when you see this.


Now this is what I have, 180 gallon acrylic with 3) 1 inch holes for overflow and 4) 3/4 inch holes for returns with most of the plumbing. Stand and lighting mount for on top of the tank






Along with a 200 gallon vertical water tank




And a few odd end parts like a couple external pumps and a bubble magus curve 7 skimmer.


Now here are some plans for the immediate future

-Clean everything and re-assemble it

-Reinforce the stand, honestly I’m sure it will hold up but for peace of mind and longevity I will be adding 2x8s and 2x4s for strength and painting all the inside

-AND this is the most important part wait for taxes to come in to upgrade the other parts lol


This build will be slow!!!! And that’s the way it should be in this hobby so after I finish the above 3 things I’ll get a parts list and hopefully update this thread once a week or so, so let’s get started





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Stand is now reinforced and painted. So far that’s two coats of primer and last will be some water proof paint and Calk to seal the stand


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keep us updated, we all like builds.  Any particular equipment plans?

Strange for the 3 overflow holes to appear to not be in line.  I assume the previous owner had an DIY overflow system, elbows maybe.  I would suggest for a reef to build some kind of overflow box that uses those holes and plumb it down to the sump that way.  

Also be sure to buff out any scratches in the acrylic before you get very far in the setup.  You will never do it if you wait till its almost setup.  


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