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I’m located in Fort Walton Beach.



My grandson decided to add all my supplements several months ago and my reef suffered because of it. Lost a lot of stuff. 

Finally got things heading in the right direction (still working on Algae) so throwing some frags out there for a possible trade.

Just a heads up that I’m picky. Nothing personal. Just interested in certain things. There’s some stuff I lost that I’m willing to 

trade/ buy back , if some of you out there have a frag available. Anyway here’s a list of what’s available. A couple may need

some more time to heal but most are ready to go now.



Jason Fox Flame 1inch $40, 1+inch branching $60

Green Slimer 1inch $20

Sunburst Monti 1inch chunk $20

Red Planet 1inch chunk $20

WWC Yellow Tip 1 1/2inches $30

RMF Acid Trip Milli 1inch $40

ORA Lantana 3/4-1inch $20

Setosa 3/4inch $20

Green Stylophora 1+inch branching $20

Jedi Mind Trick Monti 1+inch encrusted $20

Apple Berry Monti (branching) 1+inch $20

Orange Pavona 1+inch encrusted $20

Chilli Pepper/Seasons Greeting Monti 1+inch encrusted $20

Birds Of Paradise 2+inches multiple branches $20

Mystic Sunset Monti 1+inch encrusted $20

Forest Fire Digi 3/4inch $15

LA Lakers Scroll Coral 1inch chunk $20

Purple Stylophora 2+inch branching $15

Walt Disney Acro 1/2-3/4inch $60

ORA Spongodes Around 3inches $20



Blue eyed Lithophyllon 3/4-1inch $20

Duncans 3/4 heads $15

Bright Orange and Red Chalice(cornbread piece) 1inch chunk $40

Orange Crush Enchinata 1inch chunk $20

Blue Eyed Leptastrea  3/4inch chunk $20

Blueberry Blasto Merletti 3/4heads $20



Green button Polyps 5polyps $5

Gatorades around 9polyps $20

Nuclear Greens 1/2polyps $5

Green Grandis 2 polyps $20



Lava Lamps- 3-4 small mushrooms $30


I’ll work on size/quantity, price, and pictures for those that may want them asap.

Looking for colorful stuff from any coral family and please don’t offer trades if

you have any known pests. 

Thanks all 😊


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Pms replied and thanks to those that have stopped by. Still plenty left (had/have multiples on some stuff) 😊. 

Any cool torches out there?

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8 hours ago, gremlin said:

James, did you lose your torches? 

I’ve been asked by several people this lol. No, my torches pulled through , and no I’m not fragging any at this time lol. 

Im just thinking of doing something with a section of my tank that will require several different colors of torches to pull off right and if I’m able to trade for them, that would be great 😉. 

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