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New Rock Flower Anemones

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We just got a new batch of Rock Flower Anemones in and they look amazing! We're doing an in store special today and tomorrow for $25 a piece or buy 4 get 1 free.

Also if you want some inverts to hang out with any of your anemones we have 2 anemone crabs, 1 anemone shrimp, and 5 sexy shrimp available. Those are $14.99 a piece.

We have 2 nice sized copperband Butterfly for $39.99

Half Black Mimic Tang $44.99

Shark Egg $34.9944fe8dcdaa3b0beeb8e54087e759c7a1.jpg004f305bb6d2d6179792d722d478f20b.jpge418b5d32a9858b027c72744541979ba.jpg7193dff47fb630e59f95e0a9a465c7c8.jpg10a567c47fbf10639a8ca5517f9f8e87.jpgba2371607e8fd0dacbe3cfa1811b735d.jpg


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