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New livestock!

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New livestock arriving today!

Sailfin tang

Juv. Imperator angel

Five striped wrasse

Clown tang

Coral beauty angel - Cebu

Red tail filefish

Yellow rabbitfish

White banded possum wrasse

Yellow watchman goby

Pearly Jawfish

Male Pintail Fairy Wrasse

Aiptasia Eating FileFish

Dianas Hogfish

Bella Goby

Kupang Damsel

Red Firefish


Rainbow Mushroom rock

Blastomussa Wellsi Frag


Emerald Crab

Shrimp sexy

Shrimp peacock mantis


Stop by tomorrow to see these beautiful fish.

Dont forget you can always check out the website for pricing! 7387c8145999d1aecd65956bf94fdb5f.jpg2e4394ef058fd625a78e4bc593b8f921.jpg38aee87cfa89e118ebecffc82a2ddcca.jpgfe48c0a037e4c07ddbc6c6e680d8c8e9.jpg9172e4b584340760ea6a2e069200f420.jpg94e134a3c1263ebbc38f91cdbb41e538.jpg


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