55 Gallon Tall w/ SB Reef Lights

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Price is $500

This was my setup for the last year and has been very successful. Have grown everything in it from acros and other SPS to LPS, Zoas, anemones, and softies. Kept all types of fish also. -Tank is 55 gallons tall, with perfect seams and minimal scratching. Half inch thick glass with glass center brace. -SB Reef Lights Elite 16". This is the ramping version that allows you to set up your lighting intensity schedule throughout the day for growing coral. -Glass-Holes 1500 gallon per day overflow. -Sicce 1.5 pump. -20 gallon tall custom DIY sump. -SCAquariums 301 Skimmer. -Aquahub Auto-top off. -(2) 150 watt Jager Eheim heaters. -Icecap 3K Gyre Powerhead and Controller. I also have an extra Controller as they sent me a replacement but the old one started working again on it's own. -Also have a bunch of test kits. Literally everything you need to start keeping fish and coral. Just add rock and saltwater. 





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