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Frag Friday 8-24

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It's Frag Friday. We have some ultra acan frag on special for $50 each, super green and super green bicolor hammers for $40 a head. Bright green hammers for $35, multi colored lobo for $100, lobo with green center for $80, $25 frags are buy 2 save $10, $35 frags are buy 2 save $12.

#fragfriday #ispendallmymoneyoncoral #reeftank 57e93cbc9c1de9f70561091b5b8292bb.jpgbd9028ac9c7a9630ff3788e1f498d1a2.jpg8a97eedbec1b7d00873ab8bf2a2cdaf9.jpgb51d7b85469bccf28161c2c3235fcb87.jpg8b709a3355455098fb00266250ca3539.jpg63a3d1c566234d64a37c65f356f42805.jpgef109c957ffaf4e3670529b566d5b08d.jpg


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