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Complete 40g Breeder peninsula

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Good day to all Have a complete 40g breeder peninsula that I have to sell because of military move and can not take setup overseas. Please help!

Here's the run down...40g breeder drilled for peninsula style set up with synergey 16" Shadow Overflow, with stand and cover. $40 tank, $30 drilled, overflow $160, Stand and cover $100 value

30g 3 chamber sump with basket ball size microalgae Sump $50, microalgae $40 value

10g Quarantine tank with filter system never used $40 value

SB Reef Lights sBox Pro 32" (1 yr old) $310 value

SB Reef Lights sPAR38 - Fuge bulb (1 yr old) $50 value

Smart ATO Micro 120P $125 value

2 BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Deluxe with MJ1200 Pump $150 value

Bubble Magus NAC3.5 Protein Skimmer $145 value

INK BYRD Outlet Thermostat Temperature Controller $40 value

Pinpoint PH monitor $95 value

BRS Refractometer for Reading Salinity with Calibration Fluid $40 value

HANNA Alkalinity PPM Colorimeter HI755 Hanna $50 value

HANNA Phosphorus PPM Ultra Low Range Colorimeter HI736  $50 value

Neo-Therm Heater 100W $65 value

Aquatop Heaters 300W and 100W $24 & $20 value

BioTek Marine BTM3000 PAR Sensor with 15' USB Cable $200 value

Redsea test kits... Reef Foundation, Marine Care, Algae Control. $150 value

Under tank lighting, timer controllers, power strips, cooling fan, ATO tank, top off funnel, plumbing. $200 value

Aqua-Mag 7 Water Pump $90 value

Aqua-Mag 5 Water Pump $80 value

2 Power heads (unsure brand or flow) $40 value

10 water transport containers $50 value

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder $33 value

60 pounds live rock $200 value

50 pounds live sand $100 value


Misc supplies: 4 Filter socks $20 , Julian's Thing Multi-Use Tool $30, Flipper Magnetic Cleaner $30, Pytohon Pro-Clean Gravel Wash With Squeeze Starter $18, 1 Gallon - BRS Bulk Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon $36, 1 Gallon (4 lbs.) - BRS Bulk GFO $45, 1/2 Gallon - BRS Bulk Kalkwasser (Calcium Hydroxide) $6, 1 Gallon - BRS Bulk Sodium Bicarbonate $20, Various fish and coral foods, $40


Livestock and Corals:

Coral Beauty Angel 3in $40, Chalk Basslet 3in $40, Lawnmower Blenniy 3in $25, Diamond Goby 4.5in $40, Banner (Bangai) Cardinals Mated Pair 2.5in $50, Six line Wrasse 1.25in $25, Peppermint Hard Tube Coco Worm 3+in 1in crown $40, Hawaiian Feather Duster 3+in 1in crown $25, Purple feather duster 3+in 1in crown $25, Tan feather duster 3+in 1in crown $20, Blue Tuxedo Urchin 1.25in $25, White ORA Urchin .75in $25, (2) Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 2+in $50, Blue Banded Coral Shrimp 1.5in $30, Randalli Pistol Shrimp 2in $30 Unknown white pencil sponge 8in $?


Fuzzy Grass Mushroom 4+in $50, Blue/green mushroom colony 6+in $100, Rasta Zoa 10+ polyp, $50, Eagle eye colony 100+ polyp $100, I have about 21 other Zoa colonies ranging from 10+ to 100+ polyp each too many to name $500, (2) green star polyp colonies 6+in, $100, Pink Xena Colony 6+in $100, Cinnamon Polyp - Palythoa grandis 6 polyp $120, Green Button Polyp colony 40 polyp $60, (20) Red and Blue hermit crabs small to large, 5 emerald crab, 20+ Nassarius snails, 10+  Cerith snails $75.


I'm sure I missed something in here! I really would like to sale the whole setup together. The prices that I used are from my original receipts and various websites that I purchased from and I understand that some of the prices can be shopped around to lower prices I'm just giving a estimate. Please do not quote me on any of the prices. This is over $4500 in value if all purchased new!!! If close by I am willing to help deliver and set up in your home. I will show you my cleaning routine that I do weekly and bi-monthly. I really don't want to let this system go I have worked hard to get it where it is today but the military wont let me take it overseas due to import laws.



Asking $2000 OBO and will defiantly negotiate with a serious buyer that wants to get into the hobby.  



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If you decide to part out, I would be interested in the lights, PH monitor and probably some of the livestock.

But hopefully you can sell the entire system, as it does look beautiful!

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