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WTT complete salt setup for tank and stand.

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Want to trade a complete 30 gal cube reef tank with all equipment and livestock for an empty 90 or 120 gal tank and stand. Will also throw in a like new 20 gal JBJ rimless all-in-one frag tank. Really want to get rid of all my saltwater setup in an even trade for a nice 90 or 120 gal. Let me know what you have. Can text you pictures.


Major items that will come with trade.

1 kessil 360 light

1 16 inch sb reef light.

65 sca skimmer

2 mini media reactors

pH probe

10 gal sump

Mag drive return pumps.

Auto top off.


1/2 bucket of salt

Any other saltwater supplies I have.



Maroon gold misbar clown

Starry blenny



Yuma mushrooms x4

Lots of other mushrooms

Lots of different zoas including sunny d. Armory of god. Purple people eater. Magician paly. Etc...

Green finger leather.

Red monti

Seasons greeting monti




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