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Well if you're color blind hanna checkers are the only way to go. They are easier and more precise, but more expensive per test...... for the first set of 25 test. The refills are only $8-10, for 25 more test. If you have the capital to fork out $150 for the 3 primary test (alk, ca, mg) go for it you won't regret it. Now if that is too much to swallow Red Sea makes a very good and repeatable kit for about $60 (includes all 3 test). For even less you can get the API saltwater master test kit, but in my oppion, you can get almost as accurate results by writing down random numbers.

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Hanna for the win on ALK (which will be the parameter you test most)

Don't touch the Hanna Calcium with a 10' pole IMHO - better bet is to use Salifert or Red Sea test kit 

Magnesium - Salifert all the way for me, Red Sea isn't bad but takes longer

Phosphates - if you just HAVE to test go with the Phosphorus Hanna Checker

Nitrates - Salifert is quick and easy for the accuracy we need


After much bouncing around my kit is 

Alkalinity - Hanna

Calcium - Red Sea

Magnesium - Salifert

Phosphates - Hanna (that never gets used)

Nitrates - Salifert


All that said, I will probably be on the other first pre-orders for the Apex Trident tester when it goes on sale.  


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Somehow I feel that colorblind comment was for me.  So what if I have the same coral in my tank in three different places.  The hannah checkers are very nice but according to the masses Drauka is correct that the only real useful ones are the ALK and Ultra low range phosphate(phosphorous).  The calcium would be great but the tests are not reliable for most because the mixing has to be so exact it is almost impossible to get right.  So if like me and cannot see colors you are best to get the tried and true kits and make you kid watch the colors lol.



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