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Frag swap tank

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Hey peeps, been a bit from the last time I posted. Been super busy helping at the store. But I wanted to let everyone know we have a special tank at SB Reefs. It's a frag swap tank. The idea is you drop off 2 frags and get 1. It's a little barren right now we need to have people drop off frags. Get with Mike or myself (Trent) if you want to drop somethings off and come back in a few weeks to pick one up. We will be impartial about swaps. We're not going to let someone drop off a birds net and get a nice chunk of jedi mind trick. Oh yea no GSP, Xenia, Kenya tree you know the stuff.
Also you ever have that problem where you can't get together with someone to make a trade. Well just let us know what's going down and we'll be happy to be the swap point. Drop off your frag and come back in a day or so and pick your new one up.
You might have been thinking "hey wait if I drop off 2 but only pick 1, SB is getting free frags once it's full" ummm nope. When it starts to fill up and whenever we have meets a bunch will goto the raffle so the club makes the money and pay the bills.
We at SB Reefs are doing this to say thank you to the reef club and community for being supportive of our first full year open. And we look forward to many more years of sèrving reefers like you.
Come on in and chat with us. We really do want to hear about your tank.
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