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Ok.  I started the day with a plan!!!  I was curious how well the Auto Temp Compensation (ATC) refractometers really worked. Newly re-installed mixing station in the garage is a sweltering 84 degrees, so I didn't want to trust the 1.025 I was seeing.  So, it was time for a short experiment.  A little water from the display in one little juice glass, some from the mixing station in another.  Let them sit for a good while until both at room temp and exact temp as the calibration fluid.  Yippee, all three still read 1.025.

Hmmm.  Be sure to dump that stuff when done!!!  I left the juice glasses on the counter.  A little later it was time for my blood pressure meds and thought "Oh, that's enough water left in that glass!".  LOL, I doubt I need to provide any further detail!!!

Very happy there is no Paly risk at least, lol.

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