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We would like to invite everyone to our Grand Re-opening July 1st & 2nd

We will have new specials everyday,

door prizes

Saturday and Sunday hotdogs will be provided

and a 25 gallon bow front complete setup grand prize at the end of the day Sunday.

one purchase eash day will allow you to enter into one of the drawings, forum members get an additional entry, supporting members get one more up to 3 entries per day.

Our normal ours on Sunday are 12:00 to 5:00 but we will let club members in an hour early to browse, frag swap, what not.

Keep an eye open, will be giving hints and revealing some spectacular deals for the Grand Re-opening.

Happy Reefing

SB Reefs The Store


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Saturday and Sunday July 1st and 2nd

-Free hotdogs 11-4pm each day

-Free facepainting 11-4pm each day

-Each peson gets 1 ticket for visiting, no purchase needed, members get an additional ticket, suporting members get one more.

-For each $50 spent you get an additional ticket

-Tickets are used to enter into the giveaways. Drawing Monday 7/3 @ 5pm. You Do Not need to be present to win.



-Fluval 26 gallon bow front aquarium complete setup  *Tank, stand, filter, top, light, heater, food, ect

-ULTRA MEGA FRAG PACK!!! Some of the best corals from our 560g display tank *Pink Lemonade, Bubblegum Digi, Pearlberry, Red Planet, PC Rainbow, Bonzi, Nuclear Bali Slimmer, Pikachu, SB Ginger Hammer

-Your coice frag pack - any 5 frags $49.95 or less

-Eshopps R100 refugium sump

-AT Xyclone Protein Skimmer (100g)

-1 year Saltwater and Ro/DI (20g total a week)

-Freshwater plant pack (10 plants)

Specials!!!! Door Busters!!! I'm getting fired!!!

-160g Bucket Instant Ocean $19.95 after $10 rebate

160g Bucket Reef Crystals $24.95 after $10 rebate

-All Coral Frags buyb 3 get 1 free

 -All "Ultra" corals 20% off

-Mushroom colony rocks starting at $15

-Zoa colony rocks starting at $5

-Engineer Gobies $5

-Firefisg Gobies $5

-Saltwater Coral Catfish 4 for $29

-Clean Up Crew *nerite, astrea, truchus snails, red leg hermits $1.00 each

-Rose Bubble Tip Anemones $49.95

-All Bettas 20% off

-Free Betta($5.95 or less) with purchase of any Betta kit

-All $1.99 freshwater fish 10/$10 mix and ma tch

-African Cichlids 10%off

-Coral Box skimmers 10% off

-All fish food 10% off, includes frozen

-Plus other announced specials


SB Reef Lights 10%off for in store pick up only!! All models!!


New Store hours: (open 7 days a week)

Monday-Thursday 10-7pm

Friday and Saturday 10-8pm

Sunday 12-5pm



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If someone out there hasn't had a chance to stop by their new location, you really should... Lots of room... They are still working, but in my opinion this is building up to be one hell of a LFS. The coral selection looks great now and still growing with lots of room to expand. Huge marine fish area and a nice selection of freshwater fish in there own separate fish room. 

I was really impressed and will definitely be watching the future of this LFS.



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