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Hey folks we got a new shippment of fish in today from every ocean but the Artic.

Our 200g dispaly has 2 new residents, An out of this world Harliquin Tusk, and a 16 inch Spotted Cat Shark.

Some nice sized Gold Stripped Maroon Clowns

more of those wonderful Bi-color Cleaner Wasse.

Dragon Wrasse

a very large Exquisite Wrasse

Lubbucks Fairy Wrasse

Bi-colored Angel

A pair of Japanese Masked Swallowtail Angelfish you have to see them.

X-mas island Flame Angel

Atlantic Porcupine Puffer

Blueline Fuscus Trigger




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Awesome!!  Now, stop moving before we need an annual reef club scavenger hunt called "Find Mike's Store".  :)

Pics look awesome.  When will you be back to regular hours at the new site?  I know my Dad will want to check out the freshwater, now that I told him an expert now has freshwater in the area!!


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We are open now.


Mon-Fri 10am-8pm

Sat 10am-7pm

Sun 12pm-5pm


Come and see us. Construction and moving are still on going, But fresh is up, salt now has 4 runs, corals are stocked and ready to goto your house. Service department is ready to take care of your tanks needs. We have a new 200g FOWLR tank, Hamburger has been moved to a new tank with his pal the calico crab, working on a seahorse tank that its's current residents include a blue streak cleaner wrasse, mimic blenny, a royal gramma, and a gem tang. SB McGhee has algea growing on him and danios swimming around his head.


Happy Reefing from SB Reefs and more.

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