I have Officially Lost my Mind, 240 Build

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Figured it was time for some updates.

Progress has been slow but it has started moving now and a plan has come together.  

Plumbing was causing me some headaches since the fish room is beside the tank, not behind it which is ideal.  I also wanted the sump up off the floor in the fish room so that added to the plumbing fight.  I think I have it all straight now.  

Here is the plan for the sump stand 

41607253212_06e3256ef2_z.jpgreceived_10215510248686634 by drauka99, on Flickr

this will hold a 40 breeder refugium and a custom 125 (dimension not standard) sump, like this 

40755574915_4aaf730aae_z.jpgreceived_10215510046761586 by drauka99, on Flickr

the three red pipes are the drains from the display tank,  obviously they will be routed down into the refugium.

I am currently waiting on a drill bit to get the sump and refugium drilled for them to be connected together.

41646625191_cd739f001e_z.jpgreceived_10215546285187524 by drauka99, on Flickr

I added a few more filler "legs" under the stand after this picture was taken, as well as cleaned up the tank.


I also came up with a plan for the Apex to be mounted above the sump on the wall with a layout of all of the modules.  I worked on that some this weekend.

39839679560_817c4fc222_z.jpgreceived_10215614953024177 by drauka99, on Flickr

One thing you might notice, 2 return modules.  I decided to go with 2 of the Varios 8 pumps instead of just one and splitting it.  Mainly for redundancy and head loss.

26778969607_b6c0e4e0eb_z.jpgreceived_10215617421085877 by drauka99, on Flickr 

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