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Turf algae/ Hair algae

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If you can remove the rocks and spot treat with peroxide do that.


If you cannot remove the rocks, try and manually remove as much as you can with a siphon so you dont spread it around. 

Emerald crabs, turbo snails and some fish may eat some of it.

The only real way you will beat it is to make sure you manage your phosphate and nitrate levels. I use an algae turf scrubber on my system. Some people use gfo. Its up to you.


If that is bryopsis, its a whole different ballgame.


Good luck to you!

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Not sure the size of your tank, but you can drain the tank down, expose the algae and use a dropper to drip peroxide on it. Then fill the tank back up. Simple, quick, 100% dead if it touches the peroxide. I've had great success on turf algae this way. Green hair I beat by consistent detritus removal and manual removal of the algae.

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