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Wanting to know what people are adding to their tanks for coral growth?

I have been dosing koralcolor and acropower

Is there anything else people are showing success with?

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Currently I'm dosing:

  • Magnesium
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium
  • AcroPower - I think this gives me better polyp extension on almost everything in my tank.
  • Potassium Nitrate - I just started this. Trying to raise my nitrates to 1-3. I've had problems with colors and my nitrates have been undetectable.

Prior to starting Potassium Nitrate, I was dosing: Lugol's (2 drops every other day) and KoralColor. I do think it helped, but I was a little concerned about overdosing potassium...

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Truly and honestly clean stable water, food, and adequate lighting is what gives corals their best growth and color. I did experiment with some additives and found they did more harm than good. Partly because my water changes are enough to resolve any deficiency or imbalance of micro nutrients/elements. Also because I found these additives changed my water chemistry and the corals had to readapt to the environment.

Every single time I a attempt something new or flashy I find the corals just do better with the basics.

I use Kalk for my Cal/ALK supplementation, with some vinegar to boost my bacteria power. Added potassium nitrate when NO3 hit zero, and Seachem Florish Phosphorus for when my PO4 hit zero.

However I do find that some things have a specific place. Like Amino Acids can help supplement a starving reef tank.

If you find a supplement you would like to try for a specific purpose try some for a few weeks. If you do not achieve the specific purpose you purchased it for then maybe you don't need it.

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