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Crazy Weekend Sale @ SB Reefs Retail Store!!

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Crazy Weekend Sale!! Friday-Sunday 1/6-8.

SB Reefs 7841 Pine Forest Rd, Pensacola, FL. 32526

The new 350g shallow frag tank is in!! Check out our 560g Display Reef, there's nothing like it around here.

Toadstools starting at $14.95

Devil's Hand starting at $14.95

Mushroom colony rocks starting at $14.95

Zoa colony rocks starting at $19.95

^those are not frags!!

LPS frags buy 4 get one free

SPS frags 10% off

Grade A Rose Bubble Tip Anemones $59.95

Grade A Neon Green Bubble Tip anemone $49.95

Yellow Tip Purple Bubble Tip Anemones large $69.95

XL Marine Beta $79.95

Large Hawaiian Yellow Tangs $44.95

Lemon Peel Angel $59.95

Small Hippo Tangs $49.95

Blue Spot Jawfish $129.95 Incredible!!!

Local tank raised clowns $24.95

Paired Harlequin Shrimp $59.95 for the pair

Neon Red Dragonet $39.95!!

Lawnmower Blenny $24.95

Diamond Gobies $29.95

X-mas Island Flame Angel $79.95

Large Powder Blue Tang $89.95

Med/LG Clown Tang $89.95

XXL Orange Shoulder Tang $119.95

Med Adult Emperator Angel $139.95

XL Juv Emperator Angel $79.95

XXXL Hawaiian Naso Tang with streamers $179.95! What?!!

Blue Throat Trigger Pair $139.95 for the pair!!

Large Tenneti Tang $99.95!!

Hawaiian Yellow Eyed Kole Tangs $44.95

Stunning Large Gold Rim Powder Brown Tang $59.95

Sailfin Tangs $34.95

XXL Annularis Angel $249.95 been here 3 Weeks eating well Keyhole Angel $59.95

Live rock $2.95/lb

Large Sea Hares $21.95


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Mike hope the sale was super successful. So sad had to work and couldn't make it but maybe can slide out and check out the new store next weekend if all goes well.


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