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Electricians Advice?

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Ok i have a 10 gallon plumbed to my system that i was using for a QT over the last 6 months my tank is now fully stocked and i have no plans to add anything else for a while so i wanted to use the 10 gallon for a frag tank. shrooms, softies, zoas, maybe lps and very short term sps but i need lighting. Most of my stuff is diy and i know they make 12 inch lights but i would rather make something. I was thinking a hanging box with reflectors and 3-5 20 watt 50/50 florescent BUT i only have 1-2 plugs open to use so..... my electronic question is can i wire 3-5 standard shop light scokets to one plug or is the 60-100 watts to much for the courd

I dont know much about electricity stuff so please dumb it down lol

Any questions, comments, conserns please ask this is just a thought nothing started yet just wanted to know if it was possible thank you everyone

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