180 Gallon Dream (Now Reality)

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Good stuff, Bif! I'd say the work you put into this definitely paid off.

Do you still have that clam?


I appreciate that, it's been a lot of work but paying off. I've now got around some 40+ acros and more SPS now. I have a few frags of some real real nice stuff like a WD but they are going to take some time. I do have some nice mariculture colonies that have done well and some other corals I started with that have grown into good size corals. I just love watching these things grow. Acros are where my heart is right now. They present the most challenge and that makes them more interesting to me. As far as fish go I like what I have especially my show Naso male with streamers. Could add some anthias but not in a hurry or need for more fish. Filtration and equipment have just done suburb. I now have an MP60, two Tunze 6105s, and two WAVs which tops at a max flow of 120x's the display volume (22,000gph). That's seems like way too much but it's not at all, if you do it right. All pumps do max out (100%) but each pair of pumps alternate between fast and slow. The MP60 runs many programs that changes patterns and intensity. This creates a very strong yet no hot spots and random flow all over. My anemone and LPS don't mind at all.

I have also now increase the Kessil AP700s to 100% intensity.

With both of these changes, added two WAVs and increased lighting, I now have seen vigorous outward growth in corals that have done no more than encrust in 6-9 months. I would say the changes are working.

I have to feed well and add Nitrates directly to the system. Feed alone and my corals will go pale. My 30 gallon chaeto fuge keeps PO4 ~.03-.07 which is perfect IMO. I harvest a 5 gallon bucket packed/overflowing with chaeto every 2-3 weeks!

Aiptasia have made a come back since I was rid of them via some nudis as of last Oct. I ordered 50 this time, only 8 last year, and they have now grown to about 1/2" and started to clean things up well.

Still using Kalk + vinegar for ATO but now forced to use two-part also. I've had all the equipment for auto 2-part dosing and now I finally get to use it.

I have upgraded my APEX. Now have 3 EB8s, PMK for checking PAR, and WXM for my MP60 so now all pumps are directly controlled via APEX even my return. This allows me to create really nice flow patterns and programs throughout the day. Feed modes are great now. I can stop or slow my pumps with a press of a button or my phone. I have even tweeted my return so well with programs that it will never splash and still feeds my fuge but not my display for feed modes.

With the PMK I have tested all over the tank and the lowest PAR area is at 270-300 and without any hot spots.

I think it took a while to get my system mature due to the all dry rock start (6-9 months) and the move last Aug, but since then things have been really smooth.

Sadly the clam didn't make it. LA replaced it as was within the 14 days yet it too past but much quicker. I've learned that it's best to buy larger specimens and from a specialist that deals with clams when possible. Unless you find a good one in LFS but I've not seen them around since Matt's had some really good looking ones several years ago.

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Finally putting a dent in this aptasia plaque.  Got a file fish from Mike at SBreefs that has been cleaning out their tanks and he has gone to work on mine now.  The nudis I have bought about 5 months ago are still around but they haven't reproduced in the number they did last time to completely clear any visible trace of them in only 3-4 months.  They so far are keeping them off my acros but not doing enough.  Something newly added must be eating them this time that wasn't 2 years ago.  


Got a real strong growth spurt on most all my acros so atleast there is that.  I just hate seeing those ugly things.

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