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Sb Reef Lights Launch And Fprs Discount!

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Okay folks were are live!!!! And giving Pan Handle Reefers members a launch discount through the end of October!!! Please read everything below before ordering, payment information at the end. Please contact us at, or ask questions here.


Initial launch pricing is reflected below including the 10% discount. Regular price will hold through the end of the year. Orders will be accepted now!  The sBox Elite - Wifi and sBox Sprite "Nano" will be delayed a few weeks. 


Here are the layouts for all models. Please note the Layout is copyrighted by SB Reef Lights 2015. You will not get this layout on any other black box. The retrofit PCB board for converting other black box units into SB Reef Lights layouts are the same as the sBox (Basic) 2 channel board.


So what makes this spectrum so great, besides the great aesthetics it provides? Simple, where most black boxes like MarsAqua, GalaxyHydro, Reef Radiance, Evergrow and Reef Breeders use a shotgun method approach, loading in as many different diodes as possible, hoping to hit the right wavelengths, we instead, as seen in the first picture, hit all of the key photosynthesis points hard. No wasted energy in wavelengths that don't benefit coral growth and color. The cross point of Chlorophyll A and B is 447nm, that is where Zooxanthallae are most efficient. We hit it very hard. Also not 420nm is where Chlorophyll B peaks and we hit that hard as well. We have more 420nm than any other black box or even Hydras and Radians. Also not 420nm is a trigger wavelength that tricks corals into thinking they are in shallower water, resulting in development of more protective pigment "Color". Note we don;t hit the 470nm peak of Chlorophyll B as hard, there is a valid reason for this. Chlorophyll B saturates at about 3 moles per second of photon energy, meaning adding more energy there adds no value. Instead we do something no other lights do, we hit the secondary absorption point of the cartenoids present in the Chloroplast hard. The cartenoids absorb the 490nm wavelength and convert the energy into a source the chloroplast can better use. We also hit the 660nm peaks of Chlorophyll A&B. Finally we have 395nm True UV, which not only adds to coral flourescence, but development of protective color pigments by again tricking the coral into thinking it's in shallower water. The issue with true UVs though is that the UV actually destroys the lens over time. We have solved this problem by finding a better quality diode with a silica lens instead of plastic. Makes for a little more expensive diode, but it will last more than the 1 year max you get out of a typical plastic lens. For our white channel, we have just enough green and yellow for aesthetics, with the bulk of diodes in the 14K range. We also have 20K diodes, something no other black box has. This provides for a crisp white with hints of blue.That means our light provides more PUR than any other black box, while helping to provide coral coloration only possible with T5s before.


Not all black boxes are created equal! We will put our growth rates and coral color up against any LED, even the trendy high priced fixtures. Add to that quieter fans that have higher CFM for cooler operating temperatures and longer diode life, Built in mounting legs and hanging kit, and finally a 2 YEAR USA WARRANTY!! All for much less than other premium black boxes.


Below are the layouts, again they are copyrighted by SB Reef Lights 2015. Any use of these layouts by unauthorized parties will be result in legal action. I have also added pictures to demonstrate the built in mounting legs. They are prototypes, the fit and finish of the production models are better.


Panhandle Reefers Launch discount is 10% off the normal price through the end of October. Here are the prices AFTER the discount.
sBox (Basic) - $125.95 (Reg $139.95)
sBox Pro (Timer)- $179.95 (Reg $199.95)
sBox Elite (Ramping) - $215.95 (Reg $239.95)
sBox Pro 32" (Timer) - $269.95 (Reg $299.95)
sBox Elite 32" (Ramping) - 359.95 (Reg $399.95)
sBox Replacement PCB Board - $62.95 (Reg $69.95)


PAYPAL your payment to

Make sure you put the address and phone number in the comments. Also put the QTY and type of lights ordered. We normally get a tracking number 3 days after payment. Lights normally arrive at your door 3 to 8 days after payment. PCB boards take 10 to 20 days to arrive. To keep the cost down we had to use a cheaper shipping method on the PCB boards.



An added bonus is the 2 year USA Warranty is local for Panhandle Reefers members.  I am in Pensacola, so you can bring the light back to me for repair!












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Pictures of the case styles and mounting legs.



32" sBox Pro 363w



30" sBox Elite Ramping



Case style for all 16" models



PAR level for single 16" sBox 12" over the water.  Measurement taken at water level.





Sneak peak at the wifi ramping control.  Run the lights from your phone,tablet or PC.



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10 of 12 lights have the newest boards in them.  The two middle front lights are the GEN1 spectrum from the group buy timer lights.  I have to say they are spectacular in person.



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Those lights look absolutely awesome. I have one of the Mars Aqua and what to try an upgrade. Can I just replace the board? If so, how do I get one?

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