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Scuba Diver Looking For A Scuba Buddy(S)....would Like To Go Collecting At Some Point

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I'm newer to this forum. I am not from around here, and I just got my tank up and running with corals about 2 weeks ago...Yay!!! 


Anyhow, most of my dive buddies are from central and south Florida. I haven't done any diving other than at the reefs close to Portifino hotel. I would love to dive other venues as well. On shore dives I am always down for, charter dives are also good as long as it doesn't cost me and arm and a leg. I have a nitrox and an advanced diver certification. Most of my dives have been caverns and a touch of cave, and I have been diving on and off for about 6yrs.  I have all my own equipment beside a tank. If you wanna do some dives, and hopefully go collecting just let me know. Shoot at this point I will even snorkel; its just unsafe to swim so far out by yourself. I am in the Pensacola area. 



Dive on!!!!


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