150 Gallon Build -- Start To Finish

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19 May 2016


Well measured all my parameters tonight.


Ammonia:       0

Nitrites:           0

Nitrates:        <5

Calcium:        390 ppm

Alkalinity:       8 dkh

Magnesium:  1400 ppm


After looking at everything, I decided the water volume could handle 2 more fish. So, I went ahead and added my Clowns. Next up...Yellow Tang, Purple Tang, and Kole Tang.

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25 May 2016


Update. All the algae is gone. I've started moving corals in, and the tangs all moved in today. The Yellow and Purple tangs didn't even lift an eye to each other. They are swimming together like they have known each other for years. :)







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2 June 2016


Things are moving right along. Although I'm still doing everything manually, I'm making a lot of headway getting everything into the tank. It is crazy how much coral I have in the frag system. There is no way everything will go into the new tank.





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14 July 2016


Well it's been a while since my last update, and quite a bit has happened. First...after adding all the tangs together with great results, my purple tang started getting white blotches on it. I thought it might be velvet so I immediately removed it and put it in quarantine. I week later the blotches were gone and the purple tang looked great. However, I was still nervous so I left it in quarantine. Next, I stopped by Petland and ended up bringing home a Powder Blue Tang. So now I have two tangs in quarantine. Three and a half weeks later both tangs looked super healthy so I decided the risk was minimal and add them both to the display. This time my Yellow Tang wasn't having it...the Powder Blue was bigger and pushed back; however, the Purple Tang got its butt kicked and the Yellow Tang would not let up. So...I had to put the Purple Tang back in quarantine and ended up selling it.


Finally, I'm just about fully stocked. 


The Fish Family


Yellow Tang

Yellow Eyed Kole Tang

Powder Blue Tang

Melanurus Wrasse

Pair of Clowns

Regal Angelfish


I still would like to get three more fish, but still thinking... :)


The Coral Family



Forest Fire Digitata Montipora

Orange Digitata Montipora

Orchid Stylophora

Joe's Green Titan Acropora

ORA Joe the Coral

ORA Miami Orchid

ORA Hawkins Blue

Green Tenuis Acro

ORA Blue Voodoo

Aquadelight Arco

Purple Stylophora

ORA Plum Crazy

ORA Purple Plasma

ORA Green Birdsnest

Garf Purple Bonsai

PC Rainbow Acro

ORA Laura's Purple Polyp Acro

ORA Borealis

ORA Ponade Birdsnest

Orenji Montipora

Sunset Montipora

ORA Yellow Lantana Monti

Red Pocillopora

ORA Tri-color Valida

Pink Lemonade Acro

Montipora Hirsuta

Cali Tort Acro

Larry Jackson Acro

ORA Bird of Paradise

Spongodes Monti

5 other Acros I don't know the name of.



Space Invader Pectina

Rainbow Pectina

Branching Hammer

Red Blastomussa Wellsi

Red and Teal Blastomussa Wellsi

Tyree Miami Hurricana Chalice

Nuke Green Candycane

Purple Candycane

Teal Candycane

Purple and Pink Acans

Yellow and Red Acans

Rainbow Acans

A cool chalice I don't know the name of



Midas Gold

Blue Hornets

Fruit Loops


Sunny D's


Flaming Zombie Eyes

Ultra Solars

Everlasting Gobstoppers

Toxic Revenge




Bumble Bees


Greenbay Packers

Tubb Blues

Tangerine Dreams

Nuclear Greens

Classy Pinks

Captain Americas


Devils Armor

Purple Death

Armor of God









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Your tank is looking outstanding. The aquascaping looks just like a slice of a natural reef to me. Very nice...

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Thank you, I really appreciate it. It's been a very long time in the works and it is finally coming together. I still have some ends to pull together to get it right.


1. I need to shut down my frag system. This is proving to be harder than I thought. hopefully, I can sell it off soon...if not???? In any case, the system will be shut down buy the end of August. This was part of the agreement with my wife.


2. I need to automate the system. The first step in that process was to build the electronics cabinet to hold the Apex components and dosers. I'm about eighty percent done with the cabinet. I still need to trim it out, sand, and paint. Once it is done. I will the Apex and dosers installed. :)


3. I need to build the water change / mixing station. I can't even start this until the frag system is gone because the mixing station is too big to install. Once the frag system is gone, I will call a plumber to run the new water line for the RO/DI unit. The ultimate goal is completely automated water changes. 


I keep telling myself patience is key. Slow and steady. :)

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That stand and canopy are awesome!!!   What is that you used for the top of that stand though?  With the nice routed edge it doesn't look like plywood.  Did you have to edge glue boards for that?

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Update: 5 Aug 2016


I finally completed the electronic cabinet, and moved it upstairs. Yesterday I started putting the Apex back together. Last weekend I took down the 55 gallon tank portion on the frag system. This weekend I will take down the refugium and transfer it to its new home in the sump of the 150. The next step will be the bring up the frag tank of the 150 and start moving some frags. If anyone is looking I have several frag that are looking rough that need a home.


Here are some pictures of the electronics cabinet.





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Kevin were did you pick up purple plasma? Thats one of my favorite acros! System is looking beast! Congrats on the successful upgrade.

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AWDJosh -- I got the frag at Petland about a year and a half to two years ago. I managed to barely keep it alive in the frag system. I ended up with just a nub of it left, but it is encrusting and growing in the new system. I can't wait for it to come back.


bif24701 -- Thank you. It took a couple weekends to get it together and stained, but it is shaping up now. I have door for it, but I need to finish the inserts. But it you have been following alone. This build has continued for a little over a year. :) 


So, what's next on the agenda? Well I have three short-term items:


1. Top-off. Bought a Tunze with a back-up pump yesterday. This should tide me over for a little while.


2. New Frag Tank. If you have been following for a while, you know I built a 16" x 16" frag tank into the tank's sump area. It has been empty since start up. Over the next few days this will need to be a priority. Unfortunately, the frag system downstairs is not doing to while...too much change too fast.


3. Refugium. Add everything to the main system refugium, and shutdown the frag system refugium.


Still to come...


1. Plumbing mixing station

2. Automated water changes.

3. APEX light automation. 

4. Automated dosing.

5. And on it goes..... :)

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dvr -- to be honest, I don't know yet. Once I get a little closer, I will do a lot more research and try to determine the best way for me to go. Based on what I know about the Apex DOS, it's pretty expensive. I was kind of think about it for dosing, but there are other ways to go.



As for the Regal, weird ... one day - swimming and healthy ... next day - dead, completely white, and stuck to powerhead.

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I was planning on the DOS, mainly for the functionality with the Apex, but I am being gifted some litermeter pumps so I will at least try them. I use the BRS pumps for dosing. And a 50ml one for ATO

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