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        Was told by ReeferJen at the last meet that you could collect some hermits real easy down at Big Lagoon State Park, so the wife, one of the young uns', and I headed down there Sunday. Wasn't expecting much. Had already tried a little on Santa Rosa sound at Navarre Beach Park, didn't get much, talk about that later.

         Well drove all the way to the end, between the last 2 pavillions. Hermits everywhere, most what we picked up were the common Striped Hermit (don't know the scientific name but if anyone wants to know I could look it up), i know they will get too big after awhile but they are nice and small right now. Also picked up another that I haven't identified yet, it's white with spidery thin legs.

         Took dip nets that belong to the grandkids with us and scraped the grass beds and hit the jack-pot. I don't know how many of the little grass shrimp we got, but they are between 1/4 and 3/4 an inch long. 3/4 an inch is full grown for this shrimp 3 of them are carring around eggs. I figured it they would add to the clean-up crew or be lunch for the other things in my tank. They've been both,  I've got a pig of a camel shrimp it ate 3 in the first hour after putting them in.

           Then suprise #1 gobies, got 4 of them 3 are of one species, they both are simular in shape to a yellow watchman, or other shrimp goby. I sent a lousy pic to AFMattH and he told me that most of the Gulf gobies don't have common names. I haven't been able to, as of yet, to find the scientific name to these little guys.

           Suprise #2 pipefish, when I first spotted one I thought it was an little bitty eel. Got 6 if the little fellows, biggest one is 4 1/2 inches long and about as big around as a 12 gauge insulated wire. They have adjusted well and are eating frozen Cyclopse. When I got one I told my wife "we got a pipefish" she asked me what that was, I said pipefish. Then she asked me "what's a pipefish" then I said "it's a straight seahorse". "ah"

           The sound side of Navarre Beach Park was a bust, well mostly. Got 4-5 hermits but released them just too big, Found a few snails a couple were huge. Didn't know what the were so left them behind, but got a hermit with one of their shells. Glad we didn't bring those snails home, found out they were King's Crown Counch. Not a nce snail to have in your tank. Finally we cornered a blue crab, BIG, havn't seen one this big in a long time, almost 8 inchs across the shell. Brought hime home, tasty.

           I've learned that if you don't have atleast a basic idea what it is leave it behind don't put it in your tank.



I'd like to hear about any collecting trips others have made. I know AFMattH got a few new things from a recent diving trip.

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