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So, We've Got A Few Frags Looking For A New Home!

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Hey guys! Our sponsor forum is now up and running (Thanks lobstergrabber!) so let's start it off with a few frags!

We have, in the past several months, set up three frag tanks at the shop. We currently have many pieces to choose from. But I thought I'd start here with a frag pack and a duo of Hammers to get things going.

Frag Pack includes: Hollywood Stunner chalice, ORA Sourapple Birdsnest, Ultra Pink paly, Lucky Charms paly, Stargazer Fire Cloves, Magician paly and Grandis paly for $125.00.


The Aussie Hammers are one Toxic Green (1 head) and a Purple Tip (2 heads) ... both for $125.00.


Also......for the remainder of this month, if you come into our shop and mention that you saw or heard about Reef Scapes here on FPRS, we will give you a 10% discount on all dry goods in the shop. Also, for you "not so local" guys, we do ship most products.....a lot of them we ship FREE!

Thanks guys!


Reef Scapes, Inc

2005 E Olive Road

Pensacola, FL 32514


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