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Destin Snorkel Report, October 2, 2014

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I FINALLY managed to be able to hit the beach today. I went to the Destin Pass bridge.

The water was very clear, and quite warm. October 2nd, and the water was warm. Very nice!

There wasn't much to see, though. Snails and crabs all over the place, and menhaden, and a few pinfish, a couple of sheepsheads, a very few blennies, and that's pretty much it.

I decided to walk over to the jetty, hoping it would be better.

I never really realized just how far a walk that was. It's about 3/4 mile, maybe more, which is a long way to walk through sand. Each way. Protip--take a boat.

It was low tide, and again, there wasn't anything to see. GRRR!

There are some briny pools in the fenced-off section which are full of pupfish. A long handled net can reach them. All the old pools that used to be so easy to reach are gone, having been plowed away when they expanded the parking lot.

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